Small Wind: Home and Ranch Applications - Presented at the 2010 Roundup on Friday, Sept 24, 2010.

Pictures from WindPower2010.

See pictures of a Talon5 installation HERE or HERE.

A&C Green Energy Inc specializes in manufacturing, integrating and marketing small wind systems in North America, Central America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. Yes, our turbines are on 6 continents. How is this possible? Each of our wind turbine's direct-drive, gearless, brushless design allows continued performance in an extremely wide range of conditions with no parts that require regular maintenance. Our PowerMax+ (upwind) and Talon (downwind) series of wind turbines are currently installed all over the world. The power ratings of these systems range from 2,000W up to 30KW. Each of our new wind turbines is backed with our 6 year warranty!

A&C Green Energy appreciates our relationships with small wind system installers and distributors and are constantly looking to further our marketplace and distribution channels. For information on becoming a PowerMax+ and Talon reseller, please complete our Reseller Request and we will reply within two business days.

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