20KW Turnkey Solution (DFW Area):

From: $75,500.00 to $112,600.00

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Wherever you are, we have a powerful and inexpensive solution to solving your alternative energy and wind generation requirements. These PowerMax+ wind generator systems are designed for areas having lower average wind speeds. The rated wind speed for this series is 24 mph with a survival wind speed of 112 mph. This alows our system to withstand the heaviest winds from the far reaches of the earth, wherever else you might live. Wind power wherever you are!

  • Powerful: The system consists of a 3 phase direct drive PMG built with super powerful rare earth magnets, and configured with 3 extended blades, it starts rotating at 6.7mph wind speed and reaches rated power at 24mph. The working range of the wind speed is 9mph to 67 mph.
  • Reliable Speed Regulation: Dual speed regulation designs are implemented, i.e. electromagnetic brake and tail furling systems. These two systems work together to automatically keep the blade RPM within the working range to maximize the harvest of the wind power.
  • Auto Shutdown Mechanism: A unique automatic brake mechanism is implemented to shutdown the turbine whenever the wind reaches the 67mph. It can also be operated manually for maintenance.
  • Superior and Reliable Electronics: Top brand and UL certified electronics for grid-tie approval. The CE certified E-Load box is designed and tested in the toughest conditions. The UL 1741/IEEE1541 listed inverters are accepted by most utility providers and co-ops for the grid tie operation.
  • Efficient: 90% generator efficient and 0.4 blade co-efficiency.
  • Low Noise: <= 65 db.
  • High Survival Wind Speed: The reinforced fiberglass blades can endure 2 times nominal rpm. It can survive 111.8 mph wind speed when still.
  • Superior Corrosion Protection: the generator surface is processed using metalizing aluminum process. The other components and parts are processed with a hot dip galvanizing process and painted for rust proof. Because of this process, the system can be installed in dusty and marine environments as well as normal conditions.
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    Included with the PowerMax+ 20K system:

    • GENERATOR - high efficient 20KW PMG built with super strong neodymium magnets. This generator housing is precision-cast steel that has been hot-dipped galvanized to protect against severe climates, sand and salt corrosion.
    • 3 REENIFORCED FIBERGLASS BLADES - mirror finished with UV coating, balanced with hub. Precision engineered for whisper quiet and vibration-free operation.
    • E-LOAD BOX - the electronics converts AC to DC. CE listed.
    • INVERTER - UL1741/IEEE1547 listed for grid-tie.
    • TOWER: 50 foot mono tower. Other towers available
    Technical Specifications
    Rotor Diameter
    33 feet
    Generator Weight
    3014 LB (1370KG)
    Rated Power
    20 KW
    Peak Power
    23 KW
    Rated Wind Speed
    24 mph
    Startup Wind Speed
    6.7 mph
    Working Wind Speed
    9-67 mph
    Survival Wind Speed
    112 mph
    Rated RPM
    3 Reinforced Fiberglass
    Speed Regulation
    Yawing & Electromagnetic Brake
    Shutdown Mechanism
    Auto/Manual Mechanical Brake
    Rated Output/Month
    14640 KWH
    Output/Month at 12.5mph
    2196 KWH

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